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Antiques, Arts & Music Gallery

8/9/17 06:34 pm - Флейта ARMSTRONG ELKHARDT Molel 80,USA

Sterling Silver flute ARMSTRONG ELKHARDT Model 80,USA
Антикварний інструмент американської фірми з 70-х років виготовлений з чистого срібла.
Професійна система відкритих клапанів.Нумерований 9396 у власному футлярі.

12/13/14 12:59 am - Портрет Андрея Шептицького

Юліян Крайківський(?)(1892-1975)
Портрет Андрея Шептицького

Період написання: 40 p.ХХ ст.
Акварель по водостійкому папері
Невідомий портрет Андрея Шептицького(1865-1944),Митрополита Галицького та Предстоятеля Греко-Католицької церкви.Писаний акаарельними фарбами на водостійкоиу пергаментному папері.Робота маляра з Галичини емігрувавшого по війні в Америку.Віднайдена в США.
Підпис від руки позаду: Арт. Крайківський(Крайцівський)?
Обрамлена дубовою рамкою.
Розмір акварелі в рамі 25х38 см.(10x15 in.)


4/22/13 02:52 pm - EMILE QUENTIN BRIN (French painter, 1863 - 1950)

(French painter, 1863 - 1950)

Professions: Figure painter; Act painter; Painter; Naval painter; Landscape painter
Title: Granada
Date: ca. 1895
Size: 105 cm x 65cm
Signed: Brin, Granada(right lower corner)
Medium: Oil on canvas

Brin 1
Brin 2
Brin 3
Brin 4
Brin 5
Brin 6
Brin 7

10/22/12 02:46 pm - Enamel miniature

Enamel miniature of England King

Portret on the enamel miniature paint from England King Wilhelm IV oil picture.
Size in frame : 7.5 x 8.5 inch.(19 х 22 см)


Enamel size:   2.5 х 3.5 іnch. (6 x 9 см)

9/19/11 01:15 pm - Charles Cellars.USA. Portrait of Unknown.

Portrait of UNKNOWN  from 50-s.

9/10/08 01:39 pm

Turmaline Figure

9/7/08 01:19 pm - Jade Boulder.Grotto.

Carved Jade Boulder.

Celadon green stone.China.



18 cm (or 7.5 in.hight) x 12.5 cm (5 in.wide) x 6 cm (2.5 in.deep)

Chinese jade boulder (hetian zhiyu), carved and undercut to either side with an imaginary landscape with buildings sheltered by  flowering tree.
The translucent celadon green stone retaining some of the russet-colored skin, portions incorporated into the design,

9/5/08 12:05 am - Alps.Mont Blanc.

Alps.Mont Blanc.
Unknown painter


Alps.Mont Blanc.


9/4/08 11:29 pm - Violoncello Bow stamped "BAUSCH"

Violoncello (Cello) Bow  stamped "BAUSCH" Germany.

Bow long time used .If looking from top in middle Bow is little bended.Ebony Frog  has shortly crack.Also Hair is very poor and need be changed.But condition is good.

A  fine, rare German cello bow by Bausch (1840's). Bausch was a great master and one of the most important German bow maker's of all times. His work was often inspired by great Tourte.
His understanding of the bow from all aspects is just remarkable, the style is exceptionally beautiful and chose of most attractive pernambuco is always surprising. We personally think that fine examples of this maker belong to the highest level of bow making for the period.
   The stick is top quality dark reddish brown pernambuco, round, very strong, with balance and phenomenal sound. It is originally made to be around for a long time with a protective metal plate on the stick above the frog, also originally protected at the end with plates of ebony and ivory at the point of contact with the button. The length of the stick is 70cm and the weight is 84g.

9/4/08 01:16 pm - Miller R.

Miller R.
Watercolor "On The Move".1901.



Watercolor on the papper.
Size watercolor picture:
12.in. x  9 in. (30 cm. x 24 cm.)
16 in.  x 13.5 in. ( 41 cm. x 35 cm.in frame)

Signed: R.Miller,1901




9/3/08 11:43 pm - Pair of Carved Green Jade Peacocks

A Pair of Genuine Jadeite Statue of a Peacocks
China.Probably late 18 century.


 29 cm( tall) - 12 cm (wide) - 6 cm. (deep) on the carved wood.
 11.5 in. (tall) -  4.3/4 in. (wide) - 2 in.(deep)
Jade   is an extremely hard mineral  with  dark spinach  green color.
Probably  Qing (Manchu) Period (1644 - 1911).




Arrow (right)  is showing  crack on  the peacock's neck.


Jade is the gem name for mineral aggregates composed of either or both of two different minerals, Jadeite and Nephrite. Jadeite is a sodium-rich aluminous pyroxene; nephrite is a fine-grained, calcium-rich, magnesium, iron, aluminous amphibole. All jade is composed of fine-grained, highly intergrown, interlocking ("matted" or "felted" texture, like asbestos or felt) crystals of one or both of these minerals. Though neither mineral is very hard (6-7), jade is one of the toughest gem minerals known because of the intergrown nature of the individual crystals.
  Most jade on the market is composed of nephrite; jadeite jade is quite rare and in its emerald-green, translucent form is referred to as
Imperial Jade or "gem jade". A small amount of Cr in jadeite accounts for the color of imperial jade. Other color-based names for jadeite jade are Yunan Jade, for a uniquely appearing dark green, semitranslucent jade, Apple Jade for apple (yellowish green) green jade, and Moss-in-Snow for white jade with vivid green spots and streaks.
   Nephrite and jadeite jade ranges in color from a somewhat greasy-appearing, white ("mutton fat jade") to dark and light shades of
green, gray, blue-green, lavender, yellow, orange, brown, reddish-brown, and black. An important dark green variety of nephrite is sometimes known as "spinach jade". 


6/24/08 01:18 pm - Boosey & Hawkes


Clarinet Boosey & Hawkes.London.

Series 2-20.Made in England.  #220013


6/24/08 01:00 pm

 Violoncello Bow "SIVORI"

VIOLONCELLO BOW SIVORI.Violoncello bow the round stick stamped "SIVORI",also "GERMANY".The ebony frog with pearl eye.Silver overlaid adjuster.Weight: 80 gr.Size: 28 inch - 71 sm.


6/24/08 12:46 pm

 Bronze Figurine of Elephant.


4/24/08 11:47 pm - Carlo Bergonzi

Violin.Bergonzi Carlo

Signed inside:
Anno 1718, Carlo Bergonzi
fece in Cremona

   Carlo Bergonzi (21 December 1683 – 9 February 1747) was an Italian luthier who apprenticed with Hieronymus Amati, collaborated with Joseph Guarneri, and is considered the greatest pupil of Antonio Stradivari.

Bergonzi is the first and most noted member of the Bergonzi family, an illustrious group of luthiers from Cremona, Italy, a city with a rich tradition of stringed instrument fabricators. His parents lived next door to Stradivari in the Piazza San Domenico in Cremona.
   Bergonzi apprenticed under Stradivari and eventually was given all of Stradivari’s repair business. Since his repair services were in high demand, Bergonzi was unable to devote the time to producing many of his own instruments. Bergonzi violin designs were based on the Stradivari and Guarneri templates.

Bergonzi labels vary, but typically record date, name, and location:
Anno 1718, Carlo Bergonzi
fece in Cremona

Carlo Bergonzi .1715

Violins Carlo Bergonzi from Oesterreichishe National Bank Collection.

Carlo Bergonzi.1723. 

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4/24/08 03:43 am - Victor Tchetchet

Victor Tchetchet  (1891-1974)

Lady in Blue
American-Russian painter

Tchetchet, Victor (American, 1891-1974).Lady(Wife) in Blue.
Pastel  on Cardboard.

26in. x 19.5in.
Signed center right:
Victor Tchrtchet.1953.
Tchetchet, Victor - american painter  and designer for many digests in 30-50's in USA and popularity Liberty Magazine,The American Weekly(1935)


Please questions to e-mail:  notoco@mail.ru

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4/16/08 01:14 pm

 Vintage Violin Bow stamped TOURTE.Germany.


Bow  stamped Tourte. Germany.

It is octagonal ,Weigh 60 grams.

Used.Good condition for Bow.Hair need change for better.

Please questions to e-mail:  notoco@mail.ru


Price: 550.00 EUR

4/16/08 12:21 am

Vintage Clarinet "La Couture.Paris" 


Vintage Clarinet "La Couture.ParisGrenadilla Wood  with  LeBlanc black case.
Instrument with mouthpiece "Selmer by Hite" and used long time in symphonic orchestra.


Very good condition with little dark mechanik (need cleaning).Wood is perfect condition.One from famous professional instruments.


4/10/08 12:51 am

Wehrmacht Officer's Sword by the Carl Eickhorn firm.


Rare model with the original portapee.
This sword is a textbook example that remains untouched by the collecting community in the same condition it was in when it was first brought home by the capturing vet. The aluminum hilt is anodized with a gold wash that remains 95% intact with minor wear and remnants of the original lacquer clear coat. The underside of the cross guard features the correct "GES. GESCH." stamping set into the casting. Ges.Gesch is short for "Gesetzlich Geschützt" which translates "legally protected"...as in the design is protected by law, or as some prefer..."patent pending". The red glass eyes are both original to the piece and still bright. Correctly tied around the hilt is the original Officer's portapee. It is very obvious that this knot has been tied to the sword since day 1. Plenty of wear in all the right places with very minor age cracking to the green leather and just a few broken wires in the borders. The Knot it's self is in beautiful condition with a spongy wire "cat's anus." The black enamel scabbard is dent free with minor age spidering with subtle thin flaking that show very faint rust. The blade is awesome! Near mint with a bright mirrored finish and the correct 1935 style Eickhorn trademarked stamped under the hilt. Overall a perfect example of a rare model sword by the highly collectable Eickhorn firm.


4/9/08 02:01 pm


Marked  HAMILTON 10K GOLD with presentation marking.SWISS.Automatic movement.Case #913570.
Engraved: Presented by FORD MOTOR Co. to Ernest Arquette on his 35th Anniversery.1935-1970  Signed: Henry Ford II.

Please email with any questions tato47@mail.ru

3/25/08 01:43 pm

Enamel on the cooper in frame.

Copy of some famous person from Unknown painting.

Unknown person on the enamel painting from unknown oil painting.
Size in Frame: 7.5 x 8.5 inch.
Size enamel: 2.5 x 3.0 inch.

Any questions please sent to e-mail: notoco@mail.ru

3/25/08 01:13 pm

Bartkievicus E.R.
The Caravella.Black Sea (2001)

Bartkievicus E.R. 
Ukrainian painter.
Size 14.0 x 18.0  inch.
Signed: Bed 2001.


Any questins please send to e-mail: notoco@mail.ru

3/22/08 03:21 pm

in Modern 18K Gold as brooch.

Any questions and propositions please send to e-mail: tato47@mail.ru  
Brooch from school lewelry master Castellani.




Information from London Soethbe's auction in 1999.




3/22/08 02:43 pm - Giovanni Gelanze

Portret the italian girl

Giovanni Gelanze.Italian painter.
Oil painting on canva.
Painting need some professional repare.

Any questions by e-mail: tato47@mail.ru


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3/22/08 02:30 pm - Oscar Thalinger

 The Winter.

Oscar Thalinger - american painter.
Signed down left  of corner.Framed.

Questions please end to e-mail: tato47@mail.ru



E. Oscar Thalinger (American, 1885-1965) “South St.. Louis”, c.1940, oil/canvas, laid down on board, 30" x 22", signed. St. Louis modernist painter. Thalinger studied at the St. Louis School of Fine Art and in Munich. He was a member of the St. Louis Artist Guild, 2x4 Society, St. Louis Art Association, and Group 15. He exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago (1927-1932); Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art (1928-32); St. Louis Art Museum, and the St. Louis Artist Guild. Thalinger painted landscapes and urban scenes from the late 1920s-40s, and then turned to abstraction in the 1950s. He taught at the People’s Art Center in St. Louis.


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  • 3/22/08 02:07 pm - Oscar Raber

    Oscar Raber (1892-1947)
    Mediterian Sea.

    Germany  painter.

    Born1892 Koblenz  


    Died1947 Koblenz


    Country  Germany


    A Interesting OSCAR  RABER old oil painting on the textile leather (or some caine) on the cardboard in frame.

    Size 50 X 60 sm.(20 X  24 in.)

    Just for serious people, who have interest for this artist.

    Isn't too much informations about this Germany artist from early XX century.

    Herm Dienz (1891-1980)

    William Straube und seinem Freund aus Schultagen, dem Maler Oscar Raber (1892-. 1947) . 33. Weihnachten 1916 in Frankreich, im Hintergrund Herm Dienz ...

    Like for Me Nobody painting  a water  and sea same like painter Oscar Raber.

    Questions by e-mail: tato47@mail.ru


    Lit.Monographie Herm Dienz (1891-1980)
    Ein rheinischer Maler und Graphiker zwischen Figuration und Abstraktion
    Monographie und Werkverzeichnis


    Außerdem in Koblenz gezeigte Künstler aus dem Umfeld des „Künstlerbund Westmark" 

    Os Raber (1892 Koblenz – 1947 Koblenz) 

    3/22/08 01:33 pm - Samuel Frazer

    Samuel W Frazer  
    The Ship.


    Good watercolor by Samuel W Frazer.
    Framed.Signed left side of picture.

    Question by e-mail: tato47@mail.ru


    39 Samuel Frazer
    oil on board, 9.25"x7"
    est.400/600 $600.


    3/22/08 01:17 pm

    Carved Ivory Tusk from China 

    Long: 10 in.
    Hight: 4.5 in.

    Very good condition.In wood box.

    Question by e-mail: tato47@mail.ru


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